Audio Translation

Expanding your business’ reach through our ISO 17100 certified processes and our native-language linguists and meeting the most stringent international translation standards, since 1993

Audio Translation is Audience Expansion

Audio translation starts with a transcription process to text which makes your audio streams available to audiences in a completely different way. Text also supports mining the audio streams for data that is not accessible through the audio stream itself. Finally text can be used to repurpose the audio content, such as for a blog or social media.

Our technical translators are experts in localizing your audio content so that it resonates. You can easily create content for your cross-border audiences and even customize it across all your media outlet channels thereby hitting a larger audience than otherwise possible.

Types of Audio We Translate

  • Online podcasts
  • Radio translation
  • Interview translation
  • Focus group translation
  • Webcast and streaming translation
  • Conference translation
  • Medical translation
  • Research translation

Expand What Can Be Done

Transcribing the audio stream to text increases your reach from the audio alone. Audio cannot be easily searched, and some audiences prefer to read at their leisure rather than listen at a forced pace.

The texual version of the audio stream can be either improved above and beyond the original audio stream or reproduced with high fidelity to the original through the editing process. Depending on your needs our technical translators will produce the translation you require.


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