Discovery in another language is difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Mitigate your risk and keep costs low through document summarization. Our native-language linguists review a document and provide a summary of the document so you can decide how to pursue with it. Their subject matter, legal domain, and technical expertise allows you to target your budget on fully translating only those documents that have the greatest relevance.

Save Money; Increase Relevance

The problem with receiving a treasure trove of documents in another language is that they need to be translated to determine their value to your legal action. Translating all these documents just to determine relevance is costly and could even be a waste of money.

It is much more effective to have our native-language linguists, who are legal and technical experts, provide you with a summary of the document so that you can then identify the need for a more full translation. This allows you to target your translation budget.

Types of Summarization translations

Save your translation budget and target your full document translation after an inital review of document summaries provided by our native-language linguists
  • Journal articles, manuals, and academic books
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Laws and regulations
  • Case summaries

Summarization translation described

By targeting your legal translation spend and being precise in how your execute your strategy, your process becomes much more efficient. You can rely on our ISO 17100 certified process to support your internal processes to build the strongest team and the best client experience.

By leveraging our native-language linguists who are experts in the law, the jurisdictions, and the languages, you can make informed decisions about how to optimize your legal spend.

Legal translations

Tax, trusts, estates, immigration, patents, corporate, and medical are all domains we address, with our native-language linguists and legal domain specialists


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